5 Steps


The first stage of our collaboration consists in outlining our strategy.

We start by understanding the nature of your project and then proceed to identify your target audience and define the messages you want to convey.

If needed, we collaborate with digital experts to layout your diffusion plan : on which communication channels should we broadcast your visual content to achieve your goals ? This could influence the creation of our concept. In order to be well exploited, a communication channel requires a tailored content format.

At the end of this stage, we present you an initial quote.


The second phase is dedicated to creation. Drawing from the knowledge and insights gained from the first phase, we create a concept that will achieve your goals. We start by presenting initial ideas through various documents : moodboards, storyboards, scripts, screenplays, photographic concepts, etc...

We end this stage by validating a final concept, as well as a production budget.

Storyboard - Harmonik pictures


We proceed to the production phase of your project : castings, location scouting, film shootings, photography sessions… We put to practice our expertise, our resources and our creativity.

In order to provide you with a clear visibility on the advancement of our project and to assure you on the meeting of your deadlines, we give you a project timeline.

Timeline - Harmonik pictures


We present you the first version of your visual content (video or photography edits). Then, through back-and-forth communication, we finalize the post-production phase of your visual content :

  • editing
  • music
  • sound design
  • motion design
  • VFx
  • color grading
  • ...

post-production - Harmonik pictures


We deliver your digital content in all formats required by your media plan :

  • Television
  • Website
  • Social Medias (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok...)
  • Event Projections
  • Prints, Billboards...

Your visual content is ready to be shared with the world. And if you need it, we work with our partners to execute your media plan and diffuse your digital content to your target audience.

Diffusion - Harmonik pictures


Thanks to our experience over the years, we have built a strong team of collaborators who are experts in their fields.

This allows us to confidently take on the whole scope of the production process.

& Pre-Production



Director of Photography
Set Decorator
Art Director
Costume Designer
Make up Artist
Sound Technician


Sound Designer
Graphic Designer
2D & 3D
Special Effect Creator